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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 1, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: the search is on 4 hits and a run driver in the bronx. he stuck around for little while but then left the scene and it was all caught on camera. >> indeed police commissioner speaks out after prisoners the the got an nypd officer suspended. you will hear what the commissioner had to say about this latest scheme. >> governor cuomo and by several new york city officials to pr with him that there is something missing. >> a notable exception. >> major political person in new york city not invited.
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see if you can put that together. ben: good morning, am ben simmoneau. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. it is inconsequential tuesday but it is consequential because it is september 1st. ben: a lot of people back to school, back to the routine. you say cure month-long vacation later in the month. it is september. juliet: before we go any further we went to the u.s. open yesterday. >> meteorologist: you had a good time. >> i did not see any actual tennis but saw people practicing. >> meteorologist: you still and see it? >> meteorologist: you got to hang in there. >> meteorologist: it wasn't a band-aid.
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cloud cover helped out, 91 degrees, maybe weren't used to this heat. i guess it worked. 79 degrees your current temperature, pretty warm at central park, going to be a war we call together, 75 in bridgeport, 73 in montauk, 63 is your dewpoint in monticello, the dewpoint numbers coming the same as they were yesterday, an uncomfortable range, we have mainly clear skies, yesterday we had a good amount of cloud cover for part of the day especially early on. we had a nice after noon but definitely hotter than normal. let's expand the view and show you what is happening, same overall story. the moisture from erika that was bothering folks, a lot has shifted out to see. it looks like high pressure is taking over, still left with hot and humid weather but as far as storm chances go there taking a break. high temperature looks like we
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will come close, 89, 90, not quite there, and 89 for a high only, not a heat wave but real close one where the other, same story, we already had a heat wave. let's bring in ines rosales and see if anything can for you up early. ines: let's start with westchester doing fine, coming into westchester county, same goes for long island, the lie, northern state, 7 state parkway, let's take a look at your commute this morning, new jersey looked at route 80 eastbound exit 42, 202 blogging find both directions but fdr drive traffic moving flying. northbound side you are fine.
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>> one of the highest ranking officials in bill deblasio's administration resigned as the city releases plan to deal with the homeless problem. ben: robert moses has more on what this means at city hall. >> reporter: in a short statement bill deblasio announced that deputy mayor for health and human services will resign her posts at the end of the month. i am honored to have served in the bill deblasio administration and thank the mayor for the opportunity to be part of his extraordinary team, the mayor thanked her for 20 months of service and said she would be quote actively missed. he cited her accomplishments such as providing rental assistance for the homeless and expanding after-school programs. informer and none makes more than $220,000 a year in her position, she has served under four mayors. no explanation was provided for her resignation but it seems to be a result of the city's stubborn homeless problem that has dogged the bill deblasio administration is the mayor
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spending $10 million to provide rental assistance to those facing homelessness. >> we really are optimistic having additional resources well all more homeless new yorkers to have the opportunity to move into permanent housing which is all of our plans. >> the resignation troubles democratic city councilman corey johnson who chairs the councils health committee, he tweeted heartbroken and in denial over departure of paley has not been a bigger champion for the most vulnerable over the last 40 years. robert moses, "good day new york". juliet: bill deblasio will stay home when governor cuomo takes the the city officials on a visit to pr next month lose their reports this morning say the delegation does include city council speaker and city comptroller scott stringer, but not bill deblasio. if it is meant to help the island nation with its financial crisis. $72 billion in debt.
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butted heads of the past few months on several issues from control of the city schools to mta funding, even to and into -- uber. ben: a prisoner escape from custody, tiffany movement ran from the hospital sunday after being taken into custody on theft charges. she said she wasn't feeling well so they took her to the hospital. the latest in a series of prisoner escapes this summer and commissioner bratton says the department is cracking down on office is involved. >> i will not tolerate as police commissioner in these continued lapses in what should be basic policeing care and custody of a prisoner so the penalties being imposed if the officer was there like in their duties are going to be very significant for that offense. >> meteorologist: the department would not identify the officer suspended and police are continuing to search.
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ben: police are searching for hit and run driver the left the woman hospitalized in the drugs. the gray honda sedan hit a woman crossing jackson avenue. jackson avenue near east 149th street. surveillance video shows the driver getting out of the car, walking over to the victim and getting back in the car and driving off. the woman is expected to be okay thankfully. the driver was wearing cargo shorts as you can see, great tank top and white sneakers. any information call crime stoppers 800-577-tips. >> the state department has released 7,000 pages of hillary clinton e-mails, 150 of the my said to contain information now considered classified. the sensitive information will be redacted. however state department spokesperson says none of the e-mails has been marked classified at the time they were sent. the e-mails were sent to a private server and the mail account clinton set up during
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her time as secretary of state. >> meteorologist: chris christie took his presidential campaign to late-night television as the republican hopefuls made an appearance on the tonight joy as he tries to stand out from 16 opponents. people jimmy fallon the despite being behind in the polls in won't stop campaigning and still has time to sell himself to voters. he has quite a bit of time. the also says he won't be holding back in the next debate of them sixteenth if there are big gaps again between questions aimed at him. >> 15 questions in a row, 15, he is going to go nuclear now. about. >> getting ready to protect the pope. the city's top cops is the nypd challenge. juliet: lisa evers looks what the department is doing to make sure the pope's is in new york is a safe one. >> protecting pope francis during his visit to new york in
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september is a massive undertaking by itself but won't be the only major security concern of the nypd at this unprecedented time says william bratton. >> unprecedented in the sense that we have an extraordinarily large u.n. delegation coming in, the pope coming in for several days after leaving philadelphia and washington and the security concerns as relates to that and as the pope is leaving simultaneously the president of the united states will be coming in. >> reporter: the pope's visit and other events has prompted homeland security to declare this a national security level event. which will also provide the nypd and city with federal resources. nypd deputy commissioner for counterterrorism john miller explains. >> in today's day and age you have the threat of terrorism. we will have a significant deployment of uniformed personnel, significant counterterrorism overlay on the part of the intelligence bureau,
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with the secret service. >> reporter: the nypd officer as we see on streets will be out in full force but there's also a lot of coordination and planning going on without losing sight of the special nature of the pope's visit. >> we are going to work very hard to make sure as many people as we are able to actually get to see his holiness while putting layers of security in and around that. >> reporter: the nypd isn't just what naming the other law enforcement agencies, they're working with building owners and transportation and communication specialists some of that this city continues to function at this important time. in the newsroom, lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> six of seven teenagers accused of raising four teammate at memorial high school in new jersey happened last fall are now on probation, ordered to serve 50 hours of community service but will not have to
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register as sex offenders under megan's law. the scandal came to light last fall leading the school canceled the rest of the football season and remove the coach from his job. still pending. >> federal judge can make a ruling as early as today about deflategate. dreams can come through day. >> he will appeal, keep complaining about this. last-minute settlement talks between tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell appeared to have failed. roger goodell upheld the four game suspension last month saying the quarterback new he was using underinflated footballs during the championship diem, the judge will now decide whether to a firm but suspension or throw it out. ben: the judge had decided he cheated or not. we know the answer. brady came out looking a little better this time in the view of
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i got to say it doesn't look like him at all. we know about what happened after her less than flattering image at the first deflategate, come on. you think the second one does? the first one looks like lurch. she got a chance to redeem her self, brady must've liked the news gets better. he says he gave her a quick wave and thank you. i don't think it is that gray. she defended herself about a first get saying it was done mostly from memorial although google a picture of the guy and you can get any number of images. cheese said she got hundreds of e-mails most of the negative. it is a tough job somebody has got to do it. juliet: we hit 90 degrees today, becomes an official heat wave.
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what the chances are of that happening, mike will talk about that coming up. >> new rules for people with car
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the low 90s in newark, 94 was your high temperature yesterday, 90 in allentown, 91 islip, 90 in belmar, 87 degree high reading in bridgeport yesterday, 91 in poughkeepsie as well as the city again, looks like to they will be very similar and one other things that comes along with high temperatures and humidity that hangs with us, oftentimes their quality takes a beating and that is what we see over most of new jersey with the exception of warren and sussex county, pretty much have jersey covered with air quality alert going into effect today for high levels of ozone, so if you're doing sending strenuous outdoor is doing on the earlier side as opposed to the middle of the day. now you have 79 center park, 75 in bridgeport, 73 in montauk, emitted be doubles, dewpoint hi again even though cloud cover is down a bit, we will see more sunshine out there and you will feel the heat building in quickly, but storm chances seem
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to be pretty minimal, we only saw a few tiny showers pop up around town, and our it looks like your chances of rain today even less likely, high pressure in control, humid air over southeastern states going to be a bit of an issue, not looking as wet as we had yesterday for the carolinas the some of that trying to bleed into the tristate region but nothing got going. future cast, not what comes up, we keep it hot and humid for the most part, every once in awhile and isolated storm a follow-up but with a back door cold front edging into the area thursday, storm chances go up a touch but not much at all. expected rains of allies this week. hot and humid, son out there, 85 by monday, 89, stays humid through thursday. by friday it is backing down, the weekend looks more comfortable, looking forward to the fox 5 whether apps that the google play store daily, hourly forecast set up for you right now, search and you are said to go free.
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see if we have anything else out there. >> we have construction going on causing problems, 78, 287 looks good this morning, queens pretty much ok on the lie, let's go to the camera and show you the staten island expressway, a construction west bound by harlem boulevard but a look by victory boulevard, construction going on, one lane closed on eastbound side the right now traffic moving fine. george washington bridge delays on the upper level, roadwork leaving one lane open close to demand at an side of the region you concede that that is causing, ten minute delay on the upper level, lincoln and holland, trains running on or close to schedule. >> 4:49, new car see rules going to affect in new jersey, children under the age of 2 who weigh less than 30 pounds must be in a refacing see. kids between 2 and 4 who went up
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to 40 pounds in front or rear facing seats and kids between 4 and 8 under 57 inches tall must be in of forward facing seat or booster seat, joy and 8 and but must wear a seat belt. juliet: most new cabs to hit city streets will not be required to be the nissan 200, include u.s. rechargers, more legroom and sunroof. the taxes 7 ten years in the making originally proposed under mayor bloomberg who wanted a single style for all new york city taxis. a court ruling in june ended the legal dispute over the vehicle. opponents argued the administration exceeded its authority by forcing drivers to buy a certain vehicle. i am surprised that went through. ben: heavy been in new runs? they are nice with two exceptions, the window is hard to open doors and the doors are hard to open and close.
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but there is lots of legroom, it is very nice. we went to the u.s. open yesterday. and given a thumbs up. i did not see any actual tennis juliet: you saw some nice things. ben: he had a shirt on proclaiming his greatness. juliet: at grand central, there was a t-shirt that was very strange. ben: tina on the left and audrey one day on the right, both lovely individuals. audrey was minor league of control. juliet: sheet freaked out, they were on the practice course, you could go up and hold on to the fencing and look through, people usually sit down because they are adults but rodriguez running up, holding on to the fencing freaking out.
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was disturbing. ben: you watch the actual tennis. i had to go, you watched actual tennis. still boring? juliet: yes but it was great peoplewatching. that made it interesting. ben: go out, enjoyed the food. ben: in won't swain me into being a tennis fan. and circumstance. ben: the mets increased their
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>> meteorologist: another mild day coming up, 79 at central park, 77 in newark, 63 in sussex, 72 and islip, dew points quite high it began around 65 to 70 degrees which puts us in that range where we are uncomfortable and this is the way it will be for the majority of this work week in any event but it is side. other than that pretty
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uneventful, high pressure greenness mainly clear skies, heat and humidity, hang tight, not much going on as far as showers chances are concerned, i temperature 89 committee the committee around for awhile all the way through thursday. by the time we get to the week ended is cool. >> meteorologist: duke is skier and now. yesterday was gained 1 of the u.s. open. ines: antwan: i visit the garden doing stories yesterday. go. duke: the talk was around serena williams completing the grand slam. first match, despite the heat and humidity serena never worked up a sweat, this, achilles surgery earlier this year, no match for serena. serena was leading 2-love, second set, she couldn't
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of venus, juliet sought this in a victory, and the men's side, novak djokovic blew away sousa in straight sets. also in flushing across the street mets hosting the phillies at city field, pick up the action bottom of the fifth scoreless game, the rookie connects, number 4 of the season making it 1-0, three batters letter following a single by bartolo colon, curtis granderson's turn, this indeed, 2 run blast, 23 on a year for him increasingly 3-0 that proved to be enough, the 42-year-old going 8 innings with no runs, four heads, one walk, striking and nine, mets win with well-11 on the year and met lead in the national league east.
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at it with the red sox, bottom of the first, numbers 13 in the making and 2-1 red sox did not belong at the top of four, bases loaded, a single in center field sending brian mccan even at two, bottom of the force puts the red sox back on top, solo home run, number 29 of the season for him making 3-2 red sox, red sox go on to win 3-3, yankees and the cut any ground in the east, toronto wants and opportunity last night. >> who's your pick to win the u.s. open? juliet: you and go to this practice courts and see them up close. >> and lisa novak djokovic walked back into billy jean king
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fans. duke, thank you. a all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey' s syrup.
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